Meet Your new RFP Writer - ChatGPT

Every Pre-sales consultant who had tried their hands at ChatGPT has wished for an assistant that can accurately respond to RFP questions by extracting information from a ocean of documents. At RFP Plus, we heard your wishes.

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully integrated ChatGPT with RFP Plus, and the results are truly mind-boggling.

With ChatGPT integrated into RFP Plus, we have unlocked new possibilities and unleashed the power of advanced AI language models. The combination of our internal matching system and ChatGPT's capabilities is truly remarkable.

Gone are the days of sifting through countless documents manually. RFP Plus, powered by ChatGPT, automates the process of extracting relevant information from your organization's vast knowledge base. The speed and accuracy with which ChatGPT provides responses are astounding. It analyzes the uploaded documents, indexes the contents, and matches them seamlessly with new RFPs.

Imagine the time and effort saved by having an intelligent assistant like ChatGPT at your disposal. It understands the nuances of RFP questions and generates accurate responses by drawing from your existing repository of knowledge. No more worrying about missing crucial details or spending hours searching for the right information. ChatGPT ensures that your RFP responses are comprehensive and tailored to each unique request.

Furthermore, RFP Plus offers a comprehensive workflow that streamlines the entire RFP response process. From tracking progress to managing resource allocation and meeting deadlines, RFP Plus has you covered. The system automatically alerts you of impending due dates and intelligently assigns relevant questions to subject matter experts for their input and approval. This collaborative approach ensures that the final responses are thoroughly vetted and of the highest quality.

Some of the awesome features include:

a. Combining responses : Responses genenrated by OpenAI (chatGPT) are picked up from different places of the document or from different documents as the case may be.

b. First-Person Perspective: The reponses are refined through prompting to respond from first person perspective, as if a person is responding on his company's behalf

c.Accurate Responses: By restricting the repsonses only from the internal documents we ensure there is no hallucination and the responses are as truthful as it can be.

d. Re-use of responses: Every response generated by ChatGPT along with its question are stored in the internal repository of RFP Plus. So next time such question is asked in a different RFP, It will be picked up from the internal repository and thus reduce the dependence on ChatGPT. Though the cost of using ChatGPT is not so high, it certainly helps us to re-use.

We are confident that this groundbreaking integration of ChatGPT with RFP Plus will revolutionize how you handle RFPs. The future of RFP response management has arrived, and we invite you to embrace this transformative technology.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the game-changing capabilities of ChatGPT and RFP Plus. Watch the video below to see it in action and prepare to be amazed.

We are thrilled that you too are excited about the possibilities! The integration of ChatGPT and RFP Plus truly opens up a world of possibilities for streamlining and enhancing the RFP response process. If you have any further questions or need any assistance, feel free to ask. We're here to help! [email protected]


Foreign language RFP responses

You have a world-class offering (product / platform / services) but are restrained only to your local market? You wish to expand to foreign markets, but not finding specialists who could participate in the RFP and translate the nuances, without spending an extra dime? Look no further. Here is what we have.

As you might know we had last month introduced your new RFP writer, RFP Plus with OpenAI (ChatGPT) which automatically responds to your uploaded RFP against a private repository of your internal documents. The responses are of great quality and are consistent like a professional RFP writer. You can read more about it here

In one of the demos, a suggestion was made about the possibility of a auto translation feature. Imagine this. You have all your documents in your native language (lets say English) and you receive a RFP in a non-native language (say, Spanish) which you think has a better chance of winning.

Without translating the RFP or your internal documents, you can now respond the foreign language RFP, with RFP Plus. By simply clicking "two buttons" to answer your Spanish RFP and get Spanish responses for each of your question. After matching, the response are available for a manual review for user approval and then can be written back to the original file or to a Sales Proposal in the language of the RFP.

Here is the "first button". Select the RFP language, while uploading the RFP. one

Now the "Second Button". RFP Plus will notify if the document language and the RFP languages are different. Confirm to avail the translation feature.


Press confirm and voila, your resposes will be ready in non-native language, shortly in the background, while you can focus on your other tasks.

Congratulations, you got a new Translator / RFP / Product specialist on a foreign language, without an additional dime.

I am sure you would like to see it yourself, please drop a mail to [email protected] for a personalized demo about your company. We will scrape all the infomation available about your company and use it a base to demonstrate our features.