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There is no better way to handle RFPs, than OUR way.

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Automate RFP response creation with OpenAI (ChatGPT)

With ChatGPT integration, our platform empowers you to automatically respond to RFPs / DDQs / Security Questionnaires. Our solution leverages the power of OpenAI to generate accurate and comprehensive responses, using your internal documents such as past RFP responses, Training materials, User guides etc as the base for response.

Focus on your other deliverables while OpenAI generate responses, professionally, accurately and consistently.

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Irrespective of your questionnaires in XLSX, DOCX or PDFs, simply import them and select the question and response pointers.

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Select your offerings to match. OpenAI prepares the responses and notifies you on completion. No human monitoring required.

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Export the generated responses back into the original RFP file, or a to a Proposal Template or to a Powerpoint presentation.

Build your repository with any internal documents

With the introduction of RFP Plus with OpenAI you can upload any / all of your internal documents (DOCX, PDF, XLSX, PPTX, TXT), group them your offering-wise, geography-wise and language-wise. These documents could be your user manuals, training materials,product guides etc. that your team usually refers while responding to RFPs. RFP Plus with OpenAI indexes them and stores them safely in our internal databases as repository.

When a new RFP is received, RFP Plus with OpenAI "generates responses" for each of the questions from these documents against a given offering. It could be from different parts of the same document or from different documents.

When no response is available, RFP Plus ensures to inform that, instead of hallucinating. Thereby ensuring to stick to the documents updated by you as the only source for responding the RFPs. Read our blog here.


Compliance Matrix & Bid summary in a click

Preparing the compliance matrix is a tedious task. Not any more. Simply copy and paste the RFP contents and let OpenAI generate a professional and accurate compliance matrix.

Additionally, a Bid summary also gets generated and are available for all the RFP responders, highlighting all key sections, evaluation criteria, and submission deadline. This bid summary helps all the participants to get a clear view of requirements and deliverables.


Break the Language barrier. Expand your reach.

You have world class products. Why bidding only for local markets? Break the language barrier. With our innovative approach, you can maintain your source in only YOUR native language, and let the RFP Plus with OpenAI do the hard work of responding RFPs in non-native languages.

When you upload a non-native language RFP, you will be prompted to confirm if you wish to avail the translation service. On confirmation, your non-native RFP will be matched against the native language and responses will be generated in non-native langauge, with greater accuracy and consistency. Read our blog here.


let RFP Plus with OpenAI write your RFP Responses

Once you upload the RFP and select the matching criteria, RFP plus with OpenAI accepts the request for response and lets you focus on your other work.

RFP Plus, quitely, in the background, creates the responses for each of the RFP question aganist the repository "Source" created from your internal documents one-by-one. On completion, you will be notified and now you can proceed with distribution of questions and matched responses for manual review to your colleagues.

RFP plus allows you to view each question and generated response as a pair. You can approve the response, edit the response, add attachment, screenshots. You can even rephrase the question and generate new reponse, as needed. If the responses are lengthy, you can simply "compress" them for shorter repsonses. All in clicks!!.


We know, you have some questions. See if this helps

Why OpenAI?

Lets face it. OpenAI is by far the best AI platform thats been trained on vast amount of data, making them highly proficient in understanding and generating human-like text across a wide range of topics. We are using the state-of-the-art AI models like GPT-3.5-turbo, which offer impressive natural language processing capabilities. By leveraging OpenAI's technology, we get access to advanced language generation which is crucial for automating the mundane tasks of RFP responding.

We are still exploring other models like Bard, Bert etc. to provide more choices to you as a user. But for now our official offering is only on OpenAI.